Perimeter Pest Control


Our perimeter pest control program provides a barrier around the exterior of your home which is aimed at keeping home invading pests at bay. Our treatments are aimed toward ant infestations, spiders, roaches, silverfish and other occasional invaders. Your technician will apply a barrier on the foundation around your home and will also treat the windows, doors and soffits. In addition, your technician will inspect your home perimeter for any wasp nests and treat or remove them if possible. Have a pest problem between visits? No problem, just call our office,  service calls are free!  Quarterly indoor/outdoor pest control starting as low as $65!

Ant Treatment

Certain ant infestations require additional attention and treatment. An abundance of crazy ants or fire ant mounds may require an additional charge dependent upon the magnitude of the problem. Our experts will advise you of these conditions when your initial yard evaluation is completed. Have additional questions? We'll have your technician address your concerns on the next scheduled visit.