Landscape Healthcare


Maintaining your lawn properly is not as simple as it sounds...

The attention is in the details, which is why so many families in Land O' Lakes and the surrounding Pasco County area trust McGuire's with their beautiful Florida lawns. 

One of the most critical functions of maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn is proper maintenance. Uniform and regular pruning, mowing, and trimming practices provide a crisp curb-appeal for your home. Utilizing routinely sharpened blades help to reduce plant fluid loss and to expedite the turf recovery process. Alternating mowing patterns weekly prevents rutting, and keeps grass clippings from collecting in one area. We use the most light-weight commercial mowing equipment available, all equipped with mulching and recycling kits to return organic nutrients to your lawn. 

McGuire's is proud to pay such precise attention to details, and to offer our clients the best in lawn care. We are confident that we can meet your needs and give you the quality and peace of mind you are looking for so you can take your weekends back and have more time with your family!  All done With A Passion.