When Is The Best Time To Sod?

Spring is good for sod installation at times, but it can get very hot very fast. Rains can be too much or too little so watching weather patterns at this time of year is a must.

Summer temperatures can be too hot and alot of water is needed if we are in a drought pattern, and as we all know, St Augustine needs alot of water to establish itself. Summer also brings an excess of rain at times which too much of anything isn't good. Too much rainfall can cause fungus which is very hard to control even with the best fungicides applied.

Fall is the best time to sod in central Florida. Fall brings cooler temperatures while grass still continues to grow. This is great for new sod. It's able to root quickly and withstand cooler winter temperatures, allowing for less watering. It's important to keep it fertilized and mowed to assure it becomes well established.

Winter can be a good choice only if the temperatures stay mild. Don't install sod right before a freeze is expected as the new sod won't be established an likely will suffer damage that may be unrecoverable. Again always watch the weather patterns in your area. St Augustine usually doesn't go completely dormant in central Florida, there is usually always some growth going on, although rooting can be slower in the winter. It's important to keep fertilizing and mowing throughout the winter months to assure a healthy lawn.