Ants are among the most prevalent pests in households. Throughout the world there are over 12,000 species. Although some ants are beneficial to some other insects, most are a nuisance to clients, especially when they enter the home. Caulking cracks and crevices in stucco and around foundations is a must, along with keeping trees and shrubs away from the house and roof. All this will help eliminate pathways for ants to try and enter. Depending on the species, ants can bite, sting, and forage into homes, so control is a must. Control can be as simple as sanitation, but can require pesticide sprays and or baits, which can take several treatments to gain control and or eliminate. Fire ant mounds outside could have ant activity up to 4- 6 months after a treatment. Ants are always busy and reproduce very rapidly, the best solution is to protect your home before an infestation occurs. McGuire's Beautiful Outdoors offers a quarterly indoor/outdoor Perimeter Pest Control program along with annual bait treatments for lawns. Give us a call to learn more!