Time for a Trim?

This is the time of the year to begin trimming a couple of our favorite plants. Crape Myrtles and the new knockout and drift roses.
Crape Myrtles are best trimmed from the middle of January until the end of February. This allows the plant to begin producing new branches after the last frost are expected. McGuire’s does not cut these back hard as it can reduce the amount of blooms and make the new limbs weak. Instead, we trim the secondary limbs and crossing limbs to allow the previous limbs to harden and support the blooms. We want to even the plant’s height but do not want to cut too large of wood.
The drift and knockout roses should be hard cut to a level the will produce the overall desired height during the growing season. This should be done after the expectation of freezes exists. Afterwards the roses should be dead-headed to remove expended buds.