The Facts On Fertilizing Your Florida Lawn And Landscape

A beautiful Florida lawn and landscape is attainable with a few basics such as fertilizer, irrigation, pest control, and proper mowing and pruning practices. All lawns and plants require essential elements for health and growth. Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium are all macronutrients which are needed in large quantities. Micronutrients, iron, manganese, and boron, are needed in much smaller amounts. For homeowners, a complete fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium should be enough to get you by pending any unforeseen problems, which is when you may need to apply insect, weed, or disease control. This is where it can become difficult, you must know what the problem is to treat it correctly. Remember to always read the product label before applying! Chemicals can and will burn lawns and shrubs if not used according to their labels! Keep your lawn mowed regularly and at the proper mowing height. Proper mowing practices along with fertilization and irrigation can greatly effect the success or failure of your lawn and shrubs. When in doubt, call your McGuire's Beautiful Outdoors professionals, we offer a wide range of services to get you the results you need to have a healthy lawn and landscape!