Root Rot

When a lawn starts to develop dead brown areas, the first thing people want to do is add more water. Sometimes this is the case, but not always. Grass roots rot due to too much water and this leads to fungal disease. When grass grows poorly, or has bleached or yellowing patches, it could be a sign of root rot. With high humidity and recent heavy rains, this is an all too common problem in St Augustine lawns. Take All Root Rot starts out with yellowing areas, leaf tissue may curl, and eventually areas may die. Pythium Root Rot starts like poor grass growth, but grass roots turn dark brown, and or black, and again areas may die out. Proper watering, not overwatering is very important to help control these diseases along with raking out dead thatch, aerating, and NOT OVER-FERTILIZING! Monthly treatments are recommnded to help monitor your lawns needs for insects and disease and help prevent problems that may occur.