Revisiting Large Patch Fungus

Since Large Patch fungus still seems to be an issue this year we wanted to revisit this disease and a few of the causes. Improper watering start and stop times is a big issue. Always have your irrigation cycles ending at or just before daybreak, this will allow a good deep soak without laying on the turf all night and holding too much moisture. Inspect you system at least once a month, or give us a call for an irrigation inspection to be sure all zones are working correctly. You want to be sure your system isn't watering while it's raining! Get those rain sensors fixed! Humid days and warm temps along with cool nights is another reason large Patch fungus starts. Temperature fluctuation plays a huge role and is the leading cause of Large Patch fungus. Too much nitrogen! We all know green sells, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Too much nitrogen at the wrong times can do more harm than good. Control is what McGuire's Beautiful Outdoors strives to achieve when it comes to pests and diseases, elimination isn't always possible due to environmemtal factors. Although unsightly at times, in most cases, with continued proper treatments, Large Patch fungus will be controlled, run it's course, and flush out new growth without any major concern.