Queen Palms

The Queen Palm is one of the most popular palms due to its low maintenance, beauty, and affordability. It is native to Brazil and Argentina. It has a single smooth trunk with leaf scars and topped with dark green fronds. During summer months it produces clusters of flowers on a green stalk that grows underneath its leaves. In early winter orange fruit will appear that turns green as it matures. This fruit is also known as "dates" and has one single seed inside. The fruit smells nice, but it's not edible. The growth rate is fast reaching maximum height of 30-40 feet and 5-10 feet wide and can grow 6 feet per year once established. They can be used indoors and outdoors and can tolerate temperatures as low as 15 degrees when mature enough. They will grow in full sun and partial shade. Some shade is preferred. Proper watering when planted is crucial. Water every day the first week, every other day the second week, and three times a week after that. Three times a week during the first summer and twice in the winter. Prune only fronds touching the roof or house if it's a must, otherwise only prune off brown and or dead fronds as all fronds are a food source for the palm. Fertilzation, insect and disease control are a must for the health of this palm so a monthly program is recommended. Insects and diseases to watch out for include Skeletonizers, Scale, Frizzle Top, Ganoderma, and Lethal Bronzing. Ganoderma and Lethal Bronzing have no cure. Again, a proper treatment program and early detection of insects and diseases is a must for the health of this palm.