Podocarpus is one of the best low maintenence shrubs for sun or shade areas. It looks great when pruned as a hedge or left alone to grow naturally. It has a moderate growth rate, but given time it becomes full and thick with foliage all the way to the ground, and large enough to work as a privacy hedge. It is versatile enough to be pruned as a hedge, a tree, used along houses and driveways, and even trimmed as a topiary. It is drought tolerant (to a point) once established. Regular watering with time in between to let it dry out a bit is best. The Podocarpus is salt and cold tolerant, so it works well throughout Florida. The female variety produces a tiny flower followed by purple berries which are edible for people and attractive to birds. Fire Blight is a disease to watch out for and starts as blackening of the tips which gives it a scorched look, moving downward through the foliage and stems eventually to the roots where death may occur. To help prevent this, chemical treatments to help control Aphids, Scales and Mealy Bugs is important as insects play a role in passing along disease and viruses. With proper care, Podocarpus could be just what your looking for in your landscape!