Picking the Right Plant

“The Right Plant in the Right Place”
Just like you can’t stick a penguin in the middle of Arizona and expect it to flourish, your plantings also need to be in the optimum place in order to thrive. This is the number one most important factor for a successful landscape.


Many times, we see plants that are failing because their needs weren’t considered before they were planted. Gardenias, Azaleas, and Ginger are good examples of plants that often are planted in the full sun, but only require filtered sun daily.
Other plantings, such as Arbicola, a variegated variety of a chiffalera will lose their variegation when planted in the shade. Many varieties of roses also need full sun so they don’t become thin and ‘leggy’.

If you have questions or concerns about your plantings or are interested in installing new plants, our team members are willing to help.