Nandina, sometimes called "Heavenly Bamboo" isn't Bamboo at all, it's and evergreen shrub that can grow 4-10 feet in height. Leaves start out reddish bronze, eventually turning green, then reddish in the fall. Flowers are white and fruits are red with the inner bark being yellow, a characterstic of Bamboo. Fruits often persist until consumed by birds or other wildlife which facilitates the spread of Nandina. It can be very invasive so if not kept under control it can take over other plants in the landscape. This plant is labeled deer resistant, but is any plant really deer resistant? It is cold hardy in all areas of Florida. Plant in full sun or shade, blooming is better in full sun areas. Plant in moist well drained soils rich in nutrients. Prune in spring before flowering to encourage new and thicker growth. Some notable concerns are Bacterial Leaf Scorch and Nandina Virus which have no cure. Powdery Mildew, Leaf Spots can also be an issue. When properly watered and fertilized problems can be kept to a minimum.