Lawn Fertilizers Are Not Created Equally

All fertilizers are not created equally. As a McGuire’s lawn fertilization client, your lawn gets the very best nutrients available so that it not only looks healthy, it actually is healthy. You might have seen the analysis numbers on bags of fertilizers, like 8/2/10 or 8/6/6, which denotes the percent of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the mix, but have you ever stopped to consider anything else?
There are vast differences in fertilizers. Those elements come from different types of sources, which have different effects on plant growth and health. For example, some nitrogen sources are taken in by a plant extremely quick, which promotes a lot of rapid growth but tends not to benefit the root system. The growth appears healthy but it can be to the detriment of the stability of the plant.
Phosphorus is an issue in Florida lawn fertilization because some think it is overly abundant and the leading cause of red tide and other water pollution problems. The state has severely limited the amount of phosphorus we can use on a lawn. Florida is replete with phosphorus, but its phosphorus in raw form is not readily available to plants and it is a MAJOR element for plant health. It helps develop new root growth of plants.
Potassium is a major element derived form a couple of sources and is rapidly dissipated in the environment. Often after one rain, it’s gone. The role of potassium in lawn care is to provide the appropriate ionic environment for the metabolic process.
In many over the counter or low-budget fertilizers, elements can quickly be flushed through our soils or evaporate in the air. McGuire’s buys our granular fertilizers from sources where the elements are polymer coated; coated in plastic so that they release very slowly into the soil. There are a few distinct advantages to this.
1. Slow and steady feeding over time – This means it’s highly efficient. It’s the same concept as a time-release capsule in our own medications. The elements are released in a manner that maximizes effectiveness and encourages the use of most all of the fertilizer.
2. Predict how long the fertilizer will last – We apply fertilizers and know when we need to feed again. For example, Hillsborough County has a nitrogen ban in place from June 1 – September 30. Just prior to the time frame, we can put down a precise amount of nitrogen that will last for the entire period. Your lawn continues to get the perfect nutrient balance.
3. No added fillers. Every bag has some fillers, but rather then the typical limestone that we find in most cheap fertilizers, if we buy filler, it’s sludge, dolomite, or something else beneficial to the turf. We don’t put fertilizers that are loaded with useless fillers on your lawn.
Think of your fertilizer as a kind of meatloaf for your lawn. With good quality ingredients and only a few basic elements to hold it together, it can be a nutritious source of food. However, with cheap ingredients, bad quality meat, and too many bread crumbs, it might still make you feel full, but its health benefits are greatly reduced. So don’t eat crappy meatloaf. Call McGuire’s for your perfect recipe.