Growth Regulators For lawns And Landscapes

Growth regulators have been around a long time and can be very beneficial when used in a lawn and shrub care program. Growth regulators do not interfere with plant respiration, photosynthesis, or any other internal functions. Growth regulators are designed to mimic a plant hormone, slow down, or change the plant growth. They can be used on lawns to slow down growth and reduce mowing, used along edges to reduce line trimming, and used to help a lawn save it's energy during stressful periods of environmental stresses. When used on plants, it can help slow down growth to help keep their shape and reduce excessive hedging. It helps fill in lateral growth on plants to allow gaps to fill in for a fuller shrub. Blooms will last longer because of reduced hedging. This is just one of the many things McGuire's Beautiful Outdoors does to help keep your lawn and landscape as healthy as it can be. This program is included when you subscribe to our monthly full service. When details and knowledge matter, we have the answer.