Feast Or Famine

Every year it seems to be feast or famine as far as far as rainfall is concerned. Excess rainfall is just as bad as drought stress to a lawn and landscape, it can cause numerous problems such as lawns thinning, dead patches, lawns that are off color, and plant die off. Other symptons can be a great looking lawn in the morning and wilting leaf tissue and foliage by the afternoon, brown spots, and dieback. You may have no insect activity during a drought and then a whole slew of activity once the rains start. The key to managing all this is a proper monthy chemical program that includes fertilization, insect, weed and disease control. At Mcguires Beautiful Outdoors our program is designed around your lawn and landscape needs each month with all enviromental factors taken into consideration whether it be excessive rainfall, drought, or freezing temps. What's killing your lawn? Chinch Bugs? Sod Webworms? Grubs?Fungus? Root Rot? Let us help you take the guess work out of lawncare!