Landscape Maintenance


Mowing your lawn properly is not as simple as it sounds – the difference is in the detail.
One of the most critical functions is proper maintenance, including pruning, mowing, and trimming practices. McGuire’s sharpens blades religiously to reduce plant fluid loss and speed turf recovery. Our mowing patterns change weekly to prevent rutting and to keep grass clipping from collecting in plant beds. We use the lightest commercial mowers available, all equipped with mulching and recycling kits to return organic nutrients to your lawn.


We are proud of the attention paid to details. Pruning at the proper time of year, and knowing what to prune. Palms are pruned to eliminate unsightly seed pods and used fronds. Hedges are trimmed for that uniform shaping and appearance.
Unsightly weeds in plant beds, sidewalks, driveways and pavers are controlled at each visit.

November through March our mow teams service bi-weekly, with monthly fertilization.  April through October our mow teams service weekly,  and fertilization stays monthly.  We are confident that we can meet your needs and give you the quality and peace of mind you are looking for so you can take your weekends back and have more time with your family!  And it’s all done “With A Passion.”

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