Lawn Treatments

St. Augustine: Your technician will apply granular and liquid fertilizers to your lawn which are designed to improve health, density and color. This application also provides a strong base of both micro and macro nutrients preparing your lawn for the stresses of the upcoming season. In addition, your technician will either treat or address most lawn damaging insects/disease issues, and will treat to control the population of weeds that respond to herbicide treatments. 

Tree | Shrub Treatments

Your technician will fertilize your palms and flowering plants with a granular fertilizer designed to improve plant health, prepare them for the stresses of the coming season, and promote new growth. In addition, a liquid drench nutrient package will be applied to all other trees and shrubs. This application includes a well-balanced fertilizer combined with a systemic fungicide and various insecticides to prevent tree and shrub damaging pests such as aphids, scales, white flies along with an array of other plant diseases. 

Lawn Fertilization

Controlled release nutrient application, insect and disease control, weed prevention and control including applications per year.

Tree And Shrub Fertilization: Nutrient application to trees and shrubs with a liquid drench or granular fertilizer, insect and disease control on trees and shrubs.

Licensed & insured