Healthy Lawn Tips

Keys to a healthy lawn:

Proper fertilization, don't over fertilize!

Proper irrigation

Proper mowing

All these practices help decrease your lawns susceptibility to insects and disease.


Got Palms?

Is this what your palms look like? Call us today and get a free quote, and get your palms hurricane ready! During storms, loose fronds can be dangerous, especially in high winds. Protect your home, and keep the HOA away all at the same time! Fronds on palms can weigh well over a hundred pounds each. Fronds don't always fall to the ground singularly, they often get lodged inside other fronds and all fall at once, subjecting anything under it to danger, this could be a your roof, landscaping, or a person. It's very important to keep you palms healthy and safe all year long!


Importance Of Identifying Pests

Being able to identify insects in or around the home helps you to know if the insect is dangerous, an agricultural pest, or beneficial. When we know how insects live, what they eat, and how they interact with our environment, we can decide which strategy to use (integrated pest management, IPM) baits, sprays etc, to help manage them in and or around the home, lawns, and ornamentals. We also have to know if the insect is beneficial or not. We don't want to eliminate pollinators or beneficial's that eat problem pests on our plants. Our technicians at McGuire's Beautiful Outdoors are trained to identify your pest or any other problems and decide a plan of action and set a threshold to keep all of our clients happy.

Damage From The storm?

Our arbor care tree service can clean up your trees from this past hurricane and also get them prepared for any possible storms. We are fully licensed and insured with 3 ISA certified arborists on staff. We are ready to help with all of your arbor care needs from trimming trees, pruning palms, stump grinding and removals, and general clean ups. Call for your free quote today. Don't wait until it's too late!


Ants are among the most prevalent pests in households. Throughout the world there are over 12,000 species. Although some ants are beneficial to some other insects, most are a nuisance to clients, especially when they enter the home. Caulking cracks and crevices in stucco and around foundations is a must, along with keeping trees and shrubs away from the house and roof. All this will help eliminate pathways for ants to try and enter. Depending on the species, ants can bite, sting, and forage into homes, so control is a must. Control can be as simple as sanitation, but can require pesticide sprays and or baits, which can take several treatments to gain control and or eliminate. Fire ant mounds outside could have ant activity up to 4- 6 mon...


Mulch is used in the landscape for many reasons, to protect roots from drying out by conserving water and providing shade, ultimately this means LESS WATERING which means LESS CHANCES FOR WEEDS TO GERMINATE. It helps prevent erosion, it protects plants from mechanical injury, and adds organic materials to the soil, not to mention it beautifies overall.

Rock is another option, it doesn't break down, although if landscape areas aren't prepped correctly, weeds are a huge issue. WEED BARRIERS ARE A MUST. This brings us to the plant feeding issue, weed barriers don't allow food to get to the source. Although there are spray fertilizers, they do not work as well or nearly as long, much more frequent applications would be necessary.

Landscape des...



Welcome to the summer and another edition of McGuire's newsletter. Hopefully, you keep finding information here that helps you have the best lawn and landscape possible. If you have any suggestions or would like to see a specific topic covered here, please feel free to let us know.

As always, we appreciate your business and look forward to our continued relationship with you.

From our family to yours - Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!

Your Friends at McGuire's Beautiful Outdoors

The Battle Against Sod Webworms

You may have noticed that it is not just people who love a nice green, healthy lawn. There are several pest insects that are attracted to your beautiful lawn and like to feast on your lush turf. Ask yourself the following questions. Does walking through your lawn cause swarms of small moths to fly up all around you? Have you observed areas in your lawn that appear to be uneven? Does it look as if the grass blades have been "chewed"? Have you started to see some patches of brown with some green mixed in? If you answered yes to these questions, your lawn may have sod webworms.

In the summertime, tropical sod webworms can attack the grasses in many Florida lawns. It is the most common caterpillar that attacks home lawns. Sod webworms are generated from the larvae of those small, dingy brown moths that are just plain annoying as they fly around your yard every time you walk around. It is the Caterpillars, not the irritating moths; that chew the grass blades of your lawn. These hungry little pests can quickly make a lawn look scalped. Sod webworms are not preventable because the moths drop their larvae while flying through the air. They do this throughout the season (which can occur from April through November). Newly hatched larvae chew away tissues from the surface grass blades. Once the larvae mature, the product is a small worm-like caterpillar. The pesky sod webworm then progressively feeds on your grass blades, normally eating them from the top of the blade down. They often feed at night, however; during long periods of rainy or cloudy days they can also feed throughout the day making their presence known much quicker.

The good news:

Sod webworm damage is not killing your lawn.

The bad news:
The result of sod webworm damage is not very "pretty".

There are no products currently available that will exterminate the moths that drop the eggs, making prevention nearly impossible. We can treat for sod webworms, but it is not until the damage is already present that the treatment will be effective; even then, the treatment only affects the current cycle of larvae. If you have another generation present in the lawn, the lawn will have to be re-treated when these larvae mature into caterpillars.

What are we doing about it? Our technicians are inspecting your lawn for sod webworm damage during each visit. If there is any damage present we will treat with an Insecticide that is aimed at killing the caterpillars. Additionally, our crews and technicians practice proper cultural techniques that help to reduce the susceptibility of your lawn to sod webworm infestation. This includes mowing your lawn at the proper mowing height and also responsible use of slow-release fertilizers.

What should you do? Make sure that your lawn is properly irrigated and that you are cutting your grass at the proper mowing height. (Mow your Floratam at 4" to 5", Bahia at 3 ½" to 4", Seville at 3" to 4", and Zoysia at 1 ½" to 3" in height). Drought and low mowing heights may prolong or prevent grass recovery. Remember, that sod webworm damage can flare up between visits since the life cycle of the larvae is only two weeks. If you notice evidence of this damage, let us know and we will perform a service call to inspect the damaged are as.

Once, the summer rains subside, we should be free of this pest throughout the winter months. Please allow a few weeks for the damaged areas to produce new growth. We assure you that we are doing the best that we can to keep these unwanted pests at bay.

Note: The moths are attracted to light so if you have outdoor or landscape lighting, you may want to consider turning it off when you go to bed, instead of leaving it on all night.

What are we doing about it?

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McGuire's Beautiful Outdoors was founded in 2004 when Joel McGuire and Eric Robinson decided to combine their 40 years of experience to form a company that would offer the finest in full service lawn and landscape care. Their personal beliefs in hard work, honesty, and reliability mold and shape the foundation of the entire company. Each member of the McGuire's family shares the passion for excellence embodied in its founders, and each team member knows that he or she is essential to the success of the entire team.


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Last years record rainfall has now made our area a victim of severe drought. We are dealing with a lot of dryness. McGuires Beautiful Outdoors is taking the proper measures to apply products that will not harm your lawn and landscape, but will still be effective to help prevent problems as best we can. We are also taking care to send notices via email if your lawn is drought stressed and we can't mow it. Mowing when a lawn is severely stressed can cause a lot of unwanted damage. With that being said, we would rather wait until it has time to recuperate. This is the time to be sure your irrigation system is working properly. Mandatory water restrictions doesn't mean you have to lose your lawn or landscape.

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